Water Heater Maintenance In Glendale AZ Is Necessary To Keep It Working Great

Who likes to be out of hot water when they shower? Very few people find a cold shower enjoyable. When your Water Heater Maintenance in Glendale AZ is performed on a regular basis, there’s very little chance you’ll be without hot water to enjoy your shower or bath. A water heater isn’t given much thought until ice cold water fills that pipe where the heated water was. Several things can cause a water heater to malfunction such as sediment in the tank, a burned heating element, and parts becoming worn out.

Gas And Electric Water Heaters

Both gas and electric water heaters require maintenance to keep them operating at their peak performance and reduce energy costs. Gas water heaters have a the flu that safely eliminates exhaust to the outside of a home and an electric one does not need a vent. The flame for the pilot light of a gas hot water heater is on the bottom of the tank and the electric heating elements are at the top and the bottom of the tank.

Pressure Relief Valve

Both gas and electric water heaters have a pressure relief valve. These valves are a safety feature so in the event the water would become too hot, excess steam and pressure will be released, so the tank doesn’t explode.

Maintenance Program

Water Heater Maintenance in Glendale AZ can include the inspection of the pressure relief valve, burner, flue, connections from where the gas flows, piping, and temperature of water. After draining the hot water tank to inspect the inside, a technician will remove sediment from the bottom of the tank.

Other Water Heater Services

In addition to performing maintenance on a hot water heater, a technician can inspect the top and bottom heating elements and drain the water to inspect the contents at the bottom of the tank. An existing water heater can be drained and hauled it away and new electric or gas lines can be installed.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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