What a Private Investigator in New York City Can Do for You

There are all kinds of reasons that regular, everyday people hire a private investigator New York City. A client may have met someone through an online dating service and wants to make sure the person they’ve met is telling the truth about their age, where they live, and to make sure the person isn’t actually married. They may not be marriage-minded at this point and worried about assets, but this kind of investigation can find out if the person has a criminal record, so it’s a matter of safety.

If the client is engaged to be married, the client may not be sure if the one they intend to marry is actually being faithful. The client may simply want to have more peace of mind about committing to that person for a lifetime if they can just verify a few things about their intended. In these cases, a private investigator New York City can conduct a pre-marital background investigation and find out if the other party has been married before, if they have any children, if they own a home and where, and if they have a second phone number they haven’t disclosed. One of the leading causes of marital discord is over finances, so if the other party has any judgments, liens, or bankruptcies on their record that they haven’t told their bride or husband to be about, the investigation could bring that to light.

If a client is going through a child custody New York case, or wishes to have the custody arrangement modified, a private investigator can conduct surveillance and report back what is going on while the child is visiting that other parent. There could be drug use going on, or cohabitation with someone else, or there could be indications of child neglect or abuse. This information may be helpful in changing the custody status.

In a divorce, one spouse may hire a private investigator to observe the other party and get proof of the other person committing adultery. If the inclination and opportunity for infidelity can be proven, it may make a difference in the monetary amount of the divorce settlement. The private investigator may get photos, videos, and other documented evidence that support an accusation of infidelity. This information may be helpful in divorce negotiations.

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