What Are SSI Disability Benefits?

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a federal benefits program based on need; it is geared towards those who are blind, disabled or aged. There are two federal programs available for those who are disabled but Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is not for those applicants who have never worked or they have not worked enough to have accrued sufficient work credits which are needed to qualify. Although SSI is the only help available for some people it is by far not easy to qualify for and it is highly recommended that a SSI disability attorney be hired for guidance and assistance.

Applying for SSI

If you feel you are a candidate for SSI Disability Benefits in Kingsport you can make an application at any field office of the Social Security Administration. The application will be handled by a claims rep that, as well as taking applications has a host of other duties. Once the application has been completed and accepted by the field office it is processed. Once the initial processing has been completed the application is forwarded to the DDS, disability determination services. The DDS are responsible for rendering medical decisions on SSI and SSDI applicants as well as Medicaid.

Will your application be approved?

At the time the application is made there is no way of knowing whether it will be approved or not. One way to enhance the chances of approval is to work with a SSI disability attorney. Approval is all based on your medical records, for this reason it is extremely important that you continue visiting your doctor. When your SSI application is reviewed, if you have been maintaining your medical care you will be in a position to present not only your medical history but your current medical records. Having a supportive physician is important as well, his or her notes often have a big impact on your being approved for SSI.

Is a SSI disability attorney a must?

The entire process of getting SSI disability is complex and far from easy. Except in cases which are absolutely clear-cut the majority of applications are denied. Once the application has been denied there is a lengthy appeal process which includes an interview. Whether you need a SSI disability attorney depends a great deal on where you are in the process. It may not make a major difference if you have just applied for benefits but if your case is denied you should certainly consider getting an attorney who can deal with the appeal.

If your application for SSI benefits has been denied you should seriously consider hiring a SSI disability attorney to deal with the appeal.

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