What Are the Services and Benefits of Colorant Companies?

Colorant companies provide customers with options for their mulch that they may not have previously considered. Whether adding some dazzling effects to an otherwise understated yard or coordinating your landscaping scheme, colored mulch provides an added dimension to ornamental plants and lawns alike. Reputable companies are more conscientious about the particular qualities of colored mulch and colorants than other types of ground cover.

Use of Non-Toxic Compounds

Your first consideration with colored mulch may be whether it is safe for your dogs or children. The dyes in colored mulch should be completely non-toxic and safe for the environment. It should be as safe for any of your plants as a natural mulch. Ideally, it is also as benign for kids and pets as baking powder. Your company should ensure no CCA-treated wood or other toxins from recycled products find their way into its colored mulch. If you color your own mulch, you want to be equally secure about the colorant you use.

Dyes Stain Surfaces

The one rare disadvantage of colored mulch is it can stain or discolor finished surfaces. If you have decorative stone, protect it before laying colored mulch or spraying colorants. Protective tarps are also applicable to concrete or tile, such as may exist around your pool or water fountain.

Litte-Known Benefits

Colored mulch retains its vivid color through its UV-resistance. You can maintain the radiance of your landscaping with colored mulch significantly longer than with natural tones.

Same Benefits as Natural Mulch?

Through colorant companies that prioritize high-quality products, colored mulch stops weed growth and helps your trees and other plants retain moisture. Colored mulches also protect tender plants in the winter just as natural mulches do. Although colored mulches generally last two seasons longer than natural mulch, you can spray it with additional dyes if it does fade.


New colorants, formulated with the same concepts behind beauty cosmetics, are not only safe but also provide even and consistent coverage. Colorant companies ensure their products are aesthetic, whether applied to wood shavings or straw. You can generally choose from shades of red, brown, and black. Hybrid colorants specifically target materials you might otherwise find difficulty dyeing. Whether premium or hybrid, you should look for a company with colorants that require little mixing before application. The company should also provide you with samples.

Mulch-Coloring Equipment

The company you choose will likely provide any equipment you need. A couple of options are mulch coloring pumps and portable, remote-controlled hydraulic machines.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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