What Can Be Done with Carpet Remnants in Charlotte?

The new wall to wall carpeting looks great, but there are several sizable Remnants in Charlotte left behind. Instead of having them hauled off by the contractor, it pays to keep them on hand. Here are some of the ways to put those extra pieces to good use.

Making Repairs to the Carpeting

In the years to come, all sorts of things could happen to the carpeting. Perhaps an area is stained so badly that no amount of cleaning removes the discoloration. When that is the case, it will be easy enough to cut out the affected area and then trim a piece of one of those Remnants in Charlotte to fit. Having an expert do the job will ensure that no one will be able to tell that a patch is in position.

Creating Area Rugs

Another way to put those remnants to good use is to turn them into area rugs. It will not be difficult to add some sort of border to help seal the rough ends and give the piece a finished look. This approach makes it much easier to create a customer runner for the hallway, or as a way to disguise an old furnace vent once the furnace is removed and the gas lines sealed for good.

A Scratching Post for the Cat

A remnant can also be used to create a scratching post for the family cat. Covering a round piece of wood with the carpet fragment will provide the cat with something to sharpen claws with instead of going after the living room furniture. The cat will be happy and the owner can stop worrying about ripped upholstery.

Make an Exercise Mat

A little extra padding for exercises never hurts. Cut a remnant so that it is the ideal size for exercises like push-ups, jumping jacks, and other basics. When exercise time is over, roll up the remnant and stash it in the closet.

For people who need new carpeting, visit our website and check out the different options. Once the new product is installed, keep those remnants. There will be plenty to do with them in the years to come. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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