What Defendants Need to Know About Cash Bail in Hudson, NY

The purpose of the bail system is to allow those who have been accused of crimes to be released from jail until their trial dates. This allows them to spend time with their families, find a lawyer who can help them argue their cases in court, go to work, and try to make plans for the future. This article will lay out everything defendants need to know about cash bail in Hudson, NY so they can better understand their options.

Who Is Eligible to Post Bail?

When a defendant is arraigned, the court will decide whether to allow their bail. Most people accused of crimes can bail themselves out, but defendants facing some felony offenses and violent misdemeanor offenses may not be eligible for bail. The court may also deny bail to those they believe to be a flight risk or a risk to public safety.

What If Defendants Can’t Pay?

If defendants can’t make cash bail in Hudson, NY, either the defendants or their loved ones can take out bail bonds through a bail bonding agency. They will have to pay a pre-determined fee and will usually have to put up collateral. This collateral will be regained if defendants show up for their court dates but, if they don’t, the bondsmen will keep the collateral to pay the court penalty imposed for failure to appear.

Upcoming Changes

In January 2020, New York state will become the third state to eliminate cash bail for defendants accused of low-level, non-violent offenses. Defendants will still be legally obligated to appear for court, but they will only be required to bail themselves out if they’ve committed serious crimes. In the meantime, though, bail bonds continue to be the most economically feasible option for most New Yorkers accused of crimes.

Find a Bondsman Today

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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