What Does A Foot Surgeon Do?

A foot surgeon is a surgeon that focuses his skills on undertaking surgery on the feet, the individual is often called a foot and ankle surgeon or more professionally correct; a podiatric surgeon. A Chicago foot surgeon will be involved in reconstructive surgery as well as surgical repair of birth defects that involve the feet and ankles of a newborn. A foot surgeon is highly skilled and has undergone years of intensive training, they most often have their practice in an urban area where there is no shortage of patients.

The profession of podiatry generally consists of doctors who have been educated and trained in a specialized podiatric medical school. This school is dedicated to training those medical professionals who wish to focus their skills on dealing with conditions that affect the feet and ankles. Just like any surgical specialist these professionals have to complete a full course at medical school and then take a position as a resident. Residency normally lasts for three years or more, it is during this time that the doctor learns the intricacies of foot and ankle surgical procedures.

There are some issues on feet and ankles that can be attended to by other medical specialists such as orthopedic surgeons or plastic surgeons. Although some procedures can be done by others, a foot Chicago foot surgeon delivers focused treatment and care, using the most modern techniques available. During their years of training and residency foot surgeons have become extremely familiar with this unique area of the human anatomy. These skilled individuals can readily identify unique needs of a patient, see any early signs of potential complications and provide service which is often beyond that which is available from other specialty surgeons.

Although most patients of a foot surgeon are referrals from the individual’s primary care physician there are also patients who seek the services of the surgeon directly. If a patient has a bunion there is no disputing it, the patient might just as well approach the foot surgeon direct as he or she knows that the solution lies with this doctor. Prior to surgery the doctor will always conduct a consultation where the patient‘s current medical condition and history is discussed and images of the foot are taken. Based on the complexity and presentation of the case the foot surgeon will make recommendations as to what treatments are available.

There are a number of foot problems, both acquired and congenital that can be corrected by a Chicago foot surgeon. For problems affecting your feet and ankles you are welcome to contact Kondiles Chicagoland Footcare.

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