What if a ‘We Buy Houses for Cash’ Offer Sounds Too Good to Be True?

Drivers often see “We Buy Houses for Cash” signs plastered across telephone poles on the road. The traditional method of selling a house is to hire a real estate agent or to sell it yourself. However, the “sell my house fast in Newport News” trend is growing exponentially. What does it involve, and is it too good to be true?

What’s It All About?

Traditional real estate transactions can consume months of your time while you’re qualifying for mortgages, agreeing on terms, and getting the money for your house. During this time, both you and the buyer are still paying rent or mortgage payments and other household bills. Selling a house for cash quickly is fast becoming an attractive alternative.

How Does It Work?

A homeowner wishing to forgo the hassles of a real estate transaction calls the phone number on a sign. He or she will speak to a real estate investor, explaining the condition of the property, why a sale is desired, and the time frame involved.

The “sell my house fast in Newport News” investor will digest this information, drive over to look at the house, and make a preliminary offer. The investor might offer a rent-back situation to the homeowner if the homeowner needs time to relocate. After the negotiations are completed and the price settled upon, the investor will present a check to the homeowner, and the sale is complete.

What if It Sounds Too Good to Be True?

Most reputable real estate investors in Virginia have been in business for a number of years, have a brick-and-mortar address, and can provide proof of funds. If anyone asks for money up-front, run in the other direction. Professionals don’t need your money; it’s they who offer it to you. The agents at Business Name., can give you more information when you call them.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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