What is a disability law center?

A disability law center is private and non-profit, it is an agency that advocates the enforcement and strengthening of opportunities and rights often denied people with disabilities. There is a federal mandate called “The federal disabilities assistance and bill of rights act,” this act makes it mandatory for each state to maintain a system which guarantees protection of persons with disabilities. A center for disability law in Bedford PA was established to fulfill this federal mandate.

A disability is defined as being emotional, physical, developmental or sensory. A disability law center‘s goal is to support and promote the rights of people who are disabled. If a disabled individual is discriminated against, abused or neglected or denied the basic human rights and services due to a disability, the center will act on his or her behalf by providing legal services. The center provides a number of services including services in the area of education, health care, disability benefits and community services.

If a disabled child is kept out of school because of disciplinary actions which are a direct result of the disability, the advocates will act. The center also handles cases where the disabled student is neglected, abused, restrained or put in seclusion. If the student is harassed or bullied, services for advocacy are available as they are for those suffering from a sight or hearing impairment.

Disability law in Bedford PA also applies to those who are consigned to a nursing home, a psychiatric facility or prison, if they are abused or have their rights denied there is recourse that can be taken. Often, people who are seriously disabled will be unlawfully restrained or kept in isolation for extended periods of time or even denied medical care and treatment.

One area where the disability law center spends a great deal of its time is civil rights and access to employment. The Americans with Disability Act dictates that reasonable accommodation must be made by employers to allow disabled people to perform a job that they are capable of doing. The act also demands that all places open to the public must make easy access to their facilities available to the disabled; this may be wheel chair ramps or elevators. The law also applies to all government buildings.

If you are disabled or have a relationship with a disabled person and you feel the disability law in Bedford PA has been abused and you suffer as a result, you are invited to contact J. Kirk Kling, Attorney at Law.

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