What is Magento and How can it Help Your Business?

When you have a business, especially one that relies on ecommerce, you want to make sure your customers are happy with their experience on your website so they continue to buy from you. While you can do some customization on your own with various website platforms, you may not be able to bring your website to its full potential, unless you know code. When businesses don’t know code, or don’t want to spend the extra time coding, they turn to ecommerce platforms like Magento to fully customize and operate their business websites.

What is Magento?

Magento is an advanced ecommerce platform that provides incredible flexibility for what businesses can do with their websites. The system allows your customers to enjoy their purchasing experience and makes your website easy for you to run. The platform also offers marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), catalogue management, and much more to help businesses sell more products in an easier way. The open source system puts all the features you need to have a successful business in one convenient place.

How Magento can help your business

  • Customization

While other websites will let you control some of your business features, Magento can create a completely customized buying experience for your customers and for you. The open source system has several extensions to fit your needs and accommodate your brand to make the most user-friendly website with features like customized purchase pages, automatic order tracking, or coupon generators.

  • Free to use

If you feel comfortable using Magento without a third-party developer certified to use it, Magento is free to use. In business, you want to save money whenever necessary, and the most basic extensions are free. While some purchases are required for more advanced features, you can find some free trials so you’re not wasting money.

  • Easily organize and handle ecommerce

Not only does Magento make your website easy for your customers to use, but also it gives you more control over your website. You can create marketing campaigns, receipts, or coupons that match your brand. The system offers easy to use software that helps you store your invoices, inventory, sales history, and helps you keep it all in one place to be analyzed.

  • Data collection

Magento offers data collection so you can see what’s working in your business and what isn’t. When you look at their organized reports, you can see what keywords to use or what good business practices you’re doing to help you maximize your business and cater to your audience. Making reports and doing the harder technical things is made simple with the numerous features of Magento.

Magento was developed to make running ecommerce businesses a better experience for the customer and the business owner. The open source system has many developers and extensions to put all the tools to be successful in one place. You don’t have to navigate Magento by yourself since companies like Brandastic in Orange County have employees with the highest level of Magento development in Orange County area and training. Armed with Magento and those who know how to use it, your business will be on the way to reaching its full potential.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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