What is the purpose of an HDMI splitter?

by | Nov 6, 2013 | Electrical

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A HDMI, High Definition Multimedia Interface splitter is used when the user wishes to send a common signal to multiple display devices. HDMI splitters are available with prices on both ends of the spectrum, all based on quality and the number of ports. These splitters can provide certain advantages; however there are also drawbacks that must be understood.

The objective of HDMI splitters is simple, they will allow a single device such as a video consol or Blu-Ray disc player to send a common signal to a number of display devices such as multiple HDTVs. Setups such as this are rarely used at home but they are ideal when a company wishes to put on a large demonstration of a product or where multiple displays are required when holding a large meeting attended by many people.

HDMI is designed to take full advantage of digital media, it allows for the highest possible quality audio and video signals. The various devices that are connected to HDTVs are connected through HDMI cables and splitters. There are a wide range of available cables and it is important that the correct one is chosen otherwise the less expensive cables will result in sub stand results.

In order for HDMI splitters to perform correctly an HDMI compatible output device must be available. These devices can be video game consoles, satellite television, high-def TV receivers and Blu-Ray players. There are many other devices which are also HDMI compatible. The splitter that is chosen is the device that determines the maximum number of display devices that can be used. These splitters are available to handle as few as two display devices and as many as 10.

The quality of the splitter and the cables is most important when it comes to the output quality. These cables and devices are available in a wide price range, the cheaper units will rapidly deteriorate the signal strength from the input device, the resulting video and audio output will be disappointing. The only way to do an accurate personal assessment of the devices that are available is to research, there are many professional reviews online or in magazines.

HDMI splitters can be simple, a cable with an input on one end and several outputs on the other or as complicated as those with signal boosters which eliminate signal degradation.

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