What is water damage remediation?

When a building has been subjected to water damage, water damage remediation needs to be undertaken. Water damage clean up in South Jersey is a series of measures that will restore a building to its previous state after it has been inundated with water or has suffered prolonged exposure to moisture. Water damage clean up service in South Jersey requires considerable skill to do it right and can be considered a specialty service. If water damage clean up is not done correctly it can often do more harm than good.

Water damage does not only affect the visible parts of the building, it can just as easily get in behind walls and under floor boards and cause significant structural damage. In the short term the water will cause the wood to swell and in no time at all mold will begin developing. If this hidden damage is not caught and rectified the damage may cause the building to weaken and shorten the service life of the structure.

When the crew arrives on site the first thing that happens is the removal of those items which are obviously water logged, this is usually the carpets and the drywall and in many instances it includes sift furnishings. Once the floor boards are lifted and the wall studs are exposed the technicians can properly assess the situation and decide on the proper course of action. The walls and floors will not be closed again for some time as it is extremely important that the interior cavities dry completely. If these surfaces are only slightly damp the drying process can be accelerated by using dehumidifiers and fans, it is important to maintain air circulation as this will inhibit the growth of mold and mildew.

It is only when the structure is perfectly dry that reconstruction can take place. Any parts of the building that sustained damage during the flood can be removed and replaced. Once the repairs have been completed, such as re-hanging drywall and installing the floor boards again, carpeting and other flooring materials can be relayed and the entire building redecorated with new paint and wallpaper.

During the process of attending to water damage clean up in South Jersey the team that is doing the work must pay particular attention to integrity of the structure. As they are experts in their field, if, in their opinion certain structural members have been compromised they must be replaced no matter how difficult it is to do it. If any structural members are waterlogged eventually they will rot and the task will have to be repeated at additional cost.

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