What to Look for in an Audiophile Subwoofer

If attempting to create the ultimate home sound system, you’ll want to ensure that you have a high quality subwoofer in the midst of your system. Subwoofers allow you to receive a deep bass that cannot be achieved with other types of speakers. An audiophile subwoofer will play only low frequencies, allowing you to easily differentiate between high and low frequencies in music and media presentations. If you are in the market for a subwoofer, there are several things to know.

Passive Subwoofers

If you opt for a passive audiophile subwoofer, an external amplifier is used to power the subwoofer. In the case of a home theater system or stereo system, you will most likely use your amplifier to power all of these audio products. Therefore, it’s crucial to find an amplifier that has enough power for all of these things.

Powered Subwoofers

Powered subwoofers allow your entire sound system to work more efficiency, as they for the most part sustain themselves. They use a line output from your amplifier to operate, allowing your other speakers to use more of the amplifier’s power.

Tips for Buying a Subwoofer

There are a number of things to consider when purchasing a subwoofer. For example, the size of the room can make a dramatic difference in what you purchase. For larger spaces, a more powerful subwoofer is needed to fill the space with clear, loud audio. If you are looking to find a subwoofer for a less powerful receiver, purchasing a powered subwoofer can solve this problem. With just an output cable that runs from the subwoofer to the amplifier, you can transform a less powerful receiver or amp into a more powerful sound system. Also look at other valuable features that the subwoofer has to offer compared to similar subwoofers on the market to find a product that best fits your needs.

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