What Type Of Criminal Lawyer In Lancaster, PA You Hire Is Important To Developing Your Case

If you have been arrested and facing criminal charges are imminent, you will have many decisions you will have to make not just immediately after arrest but possibly for months to come. Consulting with a Criminal Lawyer in Lancaster, PA is the best way to get informed about your outlook and the possible choices to consider in your case. While you may not think that you can afford a lawyer, think about what you stand to lose if you don’t have a lawyer at all.

For starters, your bail will be set immediately after arraignment. In some cases a defendant will not have a lawyer yet but that does not mean that a bail can not be changed. For instance, many states have standard schedules that they follow in order to set the amount of bail that is considered in your case. On top of that, states then regulate a percentage of that cost that a bail bondsman would have to charge. Typically that means 10% for a state case and 15% for a federal offense. Hiring a lawyer may be able to change the schedule of bail price in order for you to enjoy your freedom while your case is waiting for trial.

Speaking of a federal or state offense, it is best to understand your rights in either case from an experienced Criminal Lawyer in Lancaster, PA. While the courts may very well provide one for you if you can not afford one, keep in mind that a public defender will have many cases to try and yours may not necessarily get the proper attention in order to achieve the best outcome. The group at Law Office of Going and Plank Attorneys in Lancaster County have a staff that can help and are experienced in many different criminal cases and can offer you help with personalized attention as opposed to not knowing your attorney until you meet in court.

Focus your attention on finding a lawyer that has experience and credibility within the same line of criminal activity that you are being accused of. For instance, in a federal case you will want an attorney that knows about constitutional rights, bankruptcy, copyright or patent cases as these are the most common on the federal level.


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