What Unicorn Spit Might Look Like and How You Might Use It

People are constantly imagining what magical creatures would produce if these creatures had all the bodily secretions of other living animals. You can already make unicorn and mermaid “snot” (play slime with different colors and additives) and unicorn poo (soft serve ice cream in rainbow colors). It should come as no surprise then when someone created Unicorn Spit. To get an idea of what this unique product is and what you can do with it, the following information is provided.

What Unicorn Spit Is

Unicorn Spit is a unique painting and staining material that not only covers porous surfaces in a permanent color, but it also creates a metallic sheen with vibrant colors. It is unlike any wood stain you have ever seen. The idea is that if unicorns did spit, it would be colorful, metallic, shiny, and beautiful (because of course unicorns are magical and anything coming out of them would be lovely!). Hence, the name of this unique product. and its many Unicorn Spit paint projects.

What You Can Use Unicorn Spit For

Unicorn Spit paint projects include everything from bare furniture to furniture restoration projects to art projects like vases, ceramics, and paper bag snowflakes. If it’s a surface that can be painted or stained, then you can use Unicorn Spit on it. While the company does provide Unicorn Spit paint projects to try and a few other ideas, you should come up with some projects on your own. The possibilities are endless when you consider everything that can be painted or stained.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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