What You Must Know Before Your Hormone Replacement Therapy in Tampa, FL

by | Oct 5, 2023 | Medical Clinic

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Hormone replacement therapy involves administering synthetic hormones, primarily estrogen and progesterone. That helps replace the natural depleting levels produced by the body, which helps with menopausal symptoms.

Before getting your hormone replacement therapy in Tampa, FL treatment, it is essential to learn what it entails.


• Relieves night sweats and hot flashes (vasomotor symptoms)

• Eases vaginal itching and dryness

• Promotes better sleep

• Relieves painful sex

• It helps prevent fractures or bone loss resulting from osteoporosis

• Reduces the chances of getting dementia and heart disease

Types Of Hrt

There are two hormone replacement therapy types depending on your issue and goals; estrogen-only and combined treatment.

Estrogen-only involves administering doses of synthetic estrogen into the body. Doctors can recommend it as a systemic treatment in the form of patches or creams to deliver controlled estrogen levels into the body.

They can also prescribe it as a low-dose vaginal product to reduce the estrogen amounts the body absorbs. These are administered as tablets, creams, rings, or sprays.

On the other hand, combined therapy involves administering a combination of estrogen and progesterone. They can sometimes use progestin, a synthetic progesterone form.

Who Should Not Take HRT

Before administering HRT, specialists usually conduct medical exams and don’t recommend it to patients with the following conditions.

• Present or past endometrial or breast cancer

• Pregnancy

• High chance of getting blood clots

• Abnormal vaginal bleeding

• A history or increased likelihood of heart attack or stroke

• Liver disease

Side Effects And Risks

• Irregular spotting

• Mood swings

• Breast tenderness

• Monthly bleeding

• Acne

• Bloating and indigestion

• Nausea

• Migraine

• Back or abdominal pain

• Endometrial cancer

• Breast cancer

• Stoke

• Blood clots

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