What you need in a health insurance plan

The key to a good health insurance plan is to ask a lot of questions, and then buy smart. If you chose in haste, you may regret it when it comes time to claim. You need to think carefully about what health insurance in Dexter MO you need, think about how you will use and attempt to anticipate your insurance needs.

The premiums vs. the deductibles:

If you are young and healthy when you first take out your health insurance in Dexter MO, and you do not have a job that entails any high risk, then a plan which has lower premiums coupled with higher deductibles are what you should be looking at. This will mean that you pay less up front, and with the on-going premiums, but you will pay more when you need the insurance.

The money that you save by paying smaller premiums can be put into a tax-exempt health savings account; this can be called upon in the event of a medical calamity. Before you make this kind of decision, check and find out the costs of general medical services that you may need something like a broken arm for example. Medical costs can be very high so be prepared, like we stated, ask plenty of questions.

What are the questions you should ask?

1. What can you afford? Think about the monthly premiums you will have to pay, consider the average cost of a visit to the doctors and how much you should consider as your deducible.

2. What coverage do you need? Your personal situation will have direct bearing on what you need in the way of cover. Do you feel you need cover for medicals? Do you have children that will need vaccinations, what about eye-glasses and dental care? There is also such specialty medical situations where orthopedic care, chiropractic care, and what about major surgery such as heart by-pass surgery?

3. What about emergencies? If you are on vacation or otherwise away from your home, will your policy cover doctor’s care and hospitalization? If you need to get to emergency care in an ambulance, is this covered, do you think you need it?

The types of insurance available:

As well as determining the coverage you want and need, you will have to choose what insurance you want.

HMOs: Health Maintenance Organizations are usually providing the lowest cost for routine and preventative care; they require little or no deductible. You are limited to using the services of only the physicians, and the infrastructure that the facility provides.

PPOs: are preferred providers will give you reasonable charges for care providing you stay with the organizations that have contracted with the organization. You are free to go elsewhere, but the costs will be greater.

Indemnity insurance: This insurance gives you broad latitude when choosing your physician or facility. It rarely covers preventative care and often only pays a percentage of the total cost of care.

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