When Looking For Dentists in Huntsville AL

If you are looking for new dentist in Huntsville AL, the first thing that you might want to do is determine the best kind of dentist for your specific situation. Most of the time, you can probably choose one single dentist that will meet all your dental care needs. A general dentist is someone who will schedule once or twice yearly appointments for you to check on your overall oral health and wellness. This typically includes things such as a physical dental exam, xrays of the teeth, teeth cleaning, and preventative care of all types. If you have tooth decay, cavities, or other common oral health issues, your general dentist is typically able to handle the issue in their office.

If you have more severe dental issues, for example emerging wisdom teeth, impacted wisdom teeth, or severe tooth decay, you may need to visit a dentist who specializes in oral surgery. An oral surgeon usually works only on more serious dental problems, and they typically don’t do general dentistry at all. In fact, general Dentists in Huntsville AL often refer their patients to oral surgeons when they notice serious problems during routine exams.

If you are a parent, a pediatric dentist is an excellent choice. You can always take your kids to a general dentist, but a pediatric dentist is someone who is specially trained to deal with patients as young as a year old. Usually, a pediatric dentist will work with patients through their teen years, and once they are adults they will typically transition to a general dentist.

When your main goal is cosmetic improvement of your smile, a cosmetic dentist is normally the best choice. Some general dentists provide a small range of cosmetic dental services, for example professional teeth whitening, as well. The cosmetic dentist can usually do anything from teeth straightening to dental veneers. Teeth straightening is often done with a device like Invisalign today, but traditional metal braces is always an option. If traditional metal braces are the chosen option, your cosmetic dentist may refer you to a orthodontist who specializes in this type of braces. A cosmetic dentist can help you with the appearance of your smile while the other types of dentists focus on the health of your smile.

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