When to Apply Sealcoating In New London

As a homeowner, it is important to know why you should maintain your property, including the driveway. However, it is not always easy to take care of the driveway. It is essential to know when to carry out Sealcoating in New London or if it is time for a new asphalt driveway. When you find areas on the driveway that are rutted or severely broken, or when the pavement look like an alligator, then you should start thinking of having a new asphalt driveway installed. Before deciding whether it is necessary to continue using chemicals on your driveway, you should understand the process and why you should do it.

Factors causing cracks

Cracks form as a result of weather and time, particularly in driveways that are unsealed. When snow or rain water seep into the asphalt, it creates a pool of water below, and this cause cracking. The seepage occurs as a result of driveways being made of porous materials. When you seal, all pores are closed so that water does not penetrate. The pavement can also be damaged by tree roots and heavy vehicles. To minimize or avoid these issues, build the driveway with a base of five inches of gravel that has been compacted.

Benefits of sealing

Most sealcoatings protect the driveway from fading. It becomes easier to clean off oil and other leaked fluids from your vehicle as liquid cannot seep into the tiny pores. If you choose to use sealing chemicals, keep a log of how often you use them. In most cases, it can be enough to do it every two or three years.

When to hire a contractor

If you decide to hire a contractor to carry out Sealcoating in New London, find out the type of chemicals that they use. Different chemicals result in different effects and have different properties . Though the water-based sealers are safe, they tend to wear off faster. Urethane, acrylic and others can increase the risk of fire. Find out if the contractor thins out the sealer to save money. Ask the contractor whether they will repair existing cracks before they can apply the sealer. Find out how they spread the sealer.

The majority of driveways in New London are made of either asphalt or concrete. Sealcoating your driveway will reduce cracking. It will also improve its appearance. To learn more about sealcoating your asphalt driveway, read the full info here.

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