When To Consider Outpatient Rehab In Los Angeles

Not everyone going through a drug or alcohol treatment program needs inpatient services. There are highly successful options in outpatient rehab in Los Angeles providing services to a wide range of different clients.

One of the most common reasons why people with addictions choose outpatient rehab in Los Angeles is because of lack of insurance or financial ability to cover the full cost of inpatient care. Outpatient service may provide the opportunity for the individual to have intensive treatment on a daily basis but not have the additional costs associated with housing during the treatment.

In addition, depending on scheduling, clients may be able to continue to work full or part-time during outpatient treatment, providing continued income not possible during residential placement.

Transitioning after Inpatient Treatment

Typically after any duration of inpatient treatment clients will continue with outpatient rehab in Los Angeles. This may start out as intensive, especially with a 30-day inpatient program, or it may be less intensive after a 90-day inpatient program.

Transitioning with outpatient support is critical so that clients have support when they are facing challenges outside of the controlled environment of the residential rehab facility. Without this support, relapse is much more likely.

When Detox is Complete

For some patients, detox may be followed by outpatient rehab in Los Angeles rather than inpatient. There are many reasons why this may happen, but it typically focuses on funding and employment issues. As with transition, it is important to teach coping skills and learn new ways to deal with stress, frustration and the causes of the addictive behavior.

With Strong Home Support

Not all individuals with addiction have home or work environments associated with drug or alcohol use. Some individuals many have very strong networks of support and being at home can provide a sense of accomplishment, success, and belonging. This can be highly motivating for some clients and makes outpatient rehab in Los Angeles a very good option.

Relapse Prevention

For clients at any stage of their recovery concerned about a potential relapse due to circumstances or events in life, attending an outpatient rehab in Los Angeles can provide an additional level of support in times of need.

This type of proactive request for support is a sign of a very different approach to how to cope with challenges and difficulties in life. It is also an excellent use of outpatient rehab in Los Angeles to prevent a return to the negative behaviors of the past.

We offer outpatient rehab in Los Angeles, as well as inpatient services at our ASAP Rehab facility.

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