When to Hire Scorpions Extermination Services in Maui

Scorpions belong to the arachnid family, a class different from that of insects. One of its main characteristics, and one that differentiates them from other pests, is that they have eight legs. If these pests are seen anywhere near your home or business, contact Scorpions Extermination Services Maui immediately.


Scorpions differ, in color, and is according to type. They can range from a similar color to straw, to yellow, brown, and black. They are easily distinguished by their large pedipalps and pincers that they use to catch their prey, and their abdomen is divided into two parts.

The tail has five segments that end in a very thin and curved stinger, connected to a gland where the poison is housed. As a general rule, toxic species have thin pincers, while scorpions with thick and powerful pincers are less lethal. Do not try and deal with scorpions on your own -; hire Scorpions Extermination Services Maui.

Life and reproduction

Mating takes place at the end of summer and the end of spring -; pregnancy takes about eight months. The female stops the young that immediately climb on the back of the mother and live their first phase on her without feeding. When they grow, they descend from the mother and disperse, beginning to feed. The nymphs go through six changes until they reach the adult stage. This process takes a few months up to four years.


Scorpions are found in the dry, warm and temperate regions of the world, but some species can also live in cold and humid places, such as forests and caves. The flattened shape of their body makes it easier for them to hide under stones, tree bark, various debris such cans, sticks, water tanks and other similar objects. Those who live hidden among the vegetation that surrounds homes and businesses usually approach and enter the property, especially in the rainy season, seeking shelter and food.

Once inside, they hide in closets, between shoes and boots, between folded clothes, such as sheets, blankets, and towels. They are nocturnal pests, which means they remain hidden during the day and go out to hunt their prey during the night. For more details, visit  today. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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