When To Use Crushed Glass Blasting Media

The softer the metal or the surface of any component, the more important it is to choose a blasting media that will remove the paint, powder coat, sealant, or adhesive without causing damage to the softer surface.

When it comes to specialized types of surfaces that may require both a hard and a softer blasting material, the combination of plastic and crushed glass blasting media is often the best possible choice.

The Advantages of Crushed Glass

Glass blasting media is typically found in one of two forms. The first one is glass beads, which offer a uniform surface on the bead, providing a gentler and softer media that is ideal on most metal surfaces.

The other option is crushed glass blasting media. This is glass that is irregular in surface shape. When blasted on the metal surface, it is more effective at removing the surface paint or preparing the surface for coating with a single pass. For most applications, the use of crushed glass is recommended on hard substrates where rapid paint and coating removal is the primary focus.

Glass beads produce a very shiny and satin-like look finish after the blasting process. The crushed glass will leave a more etched finish, which is often the ideal option if the surface is to be repainted or powder coated.


An advantage to crushed glass blasting media is that it is already a 100% recycled product. When combined with plastic blasting media, it can be used multiple times, which means it is cost effective and environmentally friendly.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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