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A forklift is a piece of machinery that is necessary for many types of industries. Forklift trucks find use in construction, warehousing, manufacturing and logistics and supplies industries and a host of other industries. Whenever you need machinery to conveniently lift heavy loads and stack cargo and pallets, forklifts are the ideal machinery for the job. To keep your machinery in running order you may need to know the source of genuine forklift parts. If your forklift goes out of order due to wear and tear or need to replace forklift parts, you want to minimize downtime by finding a reliable distributor of spares for your model and machinery type. Some suppliers can provide used parts at a very reasonable price to tide over a crisis situation and help you save money.

A forklift can be manned with an operator running the machine, or it can be electric with/without an operator. The automated trucks are termed walkies, riders or walkie riders. A major concern for a forklift truck is the balance it offers. Wrong loading and overloading can result in overturning.

A forklift truck can be modified to include and incorporate new attachments like a jib crane, hoist attachment, carpet lift attachment, personnel platform or drum grabber attachment etc. If the attachment can affect the balance or capacity to perform its lifting safely, then it can cause serious accidents and overturning of the machinery. Any unauthorized heavy attachments can result in upsetting the balance of the machinery. Attachments and parts should be approved by the manufacturer to avoid such instances. When you are looking for forklift parts or attachments, ensure they are approved by manufacturer to safeguard your workers and avoid accidents at the work site.

Some of the types of forklift that are in popular use include:

  • Stand up rider: electric machine, run by operator and containing a counterbalance in the body of the machine. Rider stands up inside the body.

  • Stand up rider, narrow aisle: electric machine, has no inbuilt counterweight.

  • Stand up reach rider, narrow aisle: forks can extend both up and down, in and out and tilt sideways.

  • Order picker: the operator stands on a platform in the front and can be elevated along with the cargo on the platform.

  • Sit down rider: can be electric powered or have an internal combustion engine to power the machinery.

  • Motorized hand pallet trucks can be walked or have an operator stand at the rear.

  • Reach Forklift: has powerful pneumatic tires, boom that can be raised or extended.

Whatever your requirement or machine type, you should make provisions to find the appropriate forklift parts. Seattle residents can find reliable dealers in forklift parts and used machines in the area.

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