Why Cupcakes Are Better Than Cake

Sure, cakes are traditional when it comes to a birthday party, but are they really the best option out there when it comes to the celebration? While even a subpar birthday cake is still going to taste okay, you should be looking for a bit more than just a passable pastry when someone close to you is celebrating a birthday. When it comes time to plan a party, stop settling for store bought birthday cakes that have hard frosting, go with something that people are actually going to like, such as cupcakes. Cupcakes make superior birthday desserts; if you doubt that fact, here are four facts that can back it up:

1.No Cutting Necessary

When you buy cupcakes from a Cupcake Bakery of NJ, you are able to get something that already comes in portion sizes. No complex cutting of the cake, or taking a dozen different requests for piece sizes, each person gets their own cupcake; if they can’t finish it, it is on them.

2.Easy Taking Home Of Leftovers

If you have extra cupcakes left after the party, you don’t need to worry about cutting them up and putting them into plastic containers for each person. People can just take a few cupcakes, put them in foil, and they are on their way. This also means that you won’t have to throw out half of your cake three days after the party.

3.Candles Have A Place To Stand

While putting forty candles in a cake seems cute, putting one candle on a cupcake for the person to blow out just seems like a saner option. If you really want to show their age, buy a “4” candle and a “0” candle to put on the main cupcake.

4. Superior Taste

When you buy cupcakes from a small Cupcake Bakery of NJ in your area, you tend to get light and tasty cakes that are made from all natural ingredients. If you are going to spend your money, it should be on something that people actually like the taste of.

When you buy cupcakes for your party from Gigi’s Cupcakes, you will find that you get happier guests. Not only will they love the cupcakes, but they also won’t go into a sugar coma after eating a piece of birthday cake.


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