Why Enrolling in a Dental Hygienist School in New Jersey is a Good Call

If you’re looking for a job in the dental industry yet you’re not prepared nor do you have the desire to spend the time and money it takes to become a trained and licensed dentist, then you may want to consider a dental hygienist school in New Jersey as a possible alternative. Many organizations have rated dental hygienists as being one of the best jobs to have when it comes to responsibilities, stress level and pay pursuant to the type of education you’ll need to become a dental hygienist.

Before you decide to enroll in dental hygienist school in New Jersey, you’re probably going to want to know a bit more about the role that a dental hygienist will play at a typical dental practice. The first thing is that the dental hygienist will be the key technician when it comes to dental cleanings. Typically a hygienist will take care of this rather than the dentist. In addition, the hygienist will examine a patient’s teeth and gums to spot any areas where there might be disease or abnormalities. They won’t diagnose your condition, but they will note the areas of concern to the dentist who will then examine and determine a diagnosis.

In addition to this, dental hygienist are typically the people that will educate patients on proper dental care. They’ll be able to give the patients clear instructions on the best ways to handle their particular dental condition or to promote overall dental health.

One of the great things about being a dental hygienist is the current state of being employed as a hygienist as well as the future outlook on this career. Today, to be a licensed dental hygienist, all you’ll need is an Associate’s degree. From a pay standpoint, dental hygienist average roughly $68,000 per year in median income. In addition, there is expected to be an increase demand for qualified dental hygienist and the industry is expected to grow at least 38% in the next 5 to 10 years which is far faster than the average growth for occupations in general.

As you can see, there are many benefits to becoming a dental hygienist. With the education requirements being only a two-year degree, as well as low stress levels and more than adequate average starting salaries, it’s a hard career to pass up.

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