Why You Need a Sexual Harassment Attorney Springfield MA

Sexual harassment attorneys play the important role of protecting workers from sexual harassment from seniors and coworkers in the work place so that they can work in a comfortable and fair environment. Most employers have a sexual harassment policy in place to protect workers, but sometimes these internal controls may not be very effective especially when senior company officials are the ones harassing their juniors.

When this happens, victims of such harassment may look for external help from a Sexual Harassment Attorney in Springfield MA when they are not able to get sufficient protection from their workplace. Taking action against sexual harassment is the only way to fight back and stop this degrading habit for a more productive and conducive working environment.

Sexual harassment can take place in many forms. Unwelcome sexual advances through verbal communication or gestures and even emails can constitute sexual harassment and merit legal action against the individual responsible. Sexual harassment attorneys work with victims to assess the situation and find appropriate approaches to remedy the situation. The attorney will gather evidence and interrogate witnesses while offering legal counsel and emotional support to the victim.

Sexual harassment constitutes a civil rights violation, and guilty parties can be forced to pay a lot of money in compensation to the victim. Sexual Harassment Attorney Springfield MA helps workers take action against unwelcome sexual misconduct and other forms of sexual discrimination that create a hostile working environment and make the victim uncomfortable and unable to work peacefully.

Sexual harassment is an ongoing course of conduct that goes on in the workplace over time, to the point where it is no longer bearable. Many workers wait for long before reporting this conduct to an attorney, but the best thing to do is seek help immediately so the situation can be remedied internally before the workplace becomes too hostile.

The Law Offices of Michael O. Shea helps protect clients from sexual harassment that could include requests for sexual favors, inappropriate sexual questions, advances and touching, sexual jokes or suggestive and offensive remarks and threats of demotion or termination of work opportunities tied to sexual favors.

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