Why You Need An Attorney For Family Law in Naples

Attorneys that specialize in family law in Naples help clients navigate through the complex and often confusing Florida laws. Family law attorneys work with their clients in matters of divorce, separation, child custody, child support, visitation, alimony, and other areas. If you are going through a divorce, or need to have child support reevaluated, it is time to seek legal counsel in your area. It is vital that you have an experienced family law attorney by your side to help ensure that settlements and other agreements are equitable for all parties involved.

The Parenting Plan

Chapter 61 of the Florida Statutes regarding child custody requires a “court approved Parenting Plan” that addresses how the child or children will be raised. These comprehensive plans must include details on visitation, time-sharing, education, religious upbringing, and health care. One of the more difficult aspects to negotiate is the time-sharing and which parent has visitation on special occasions, including birthdays, extracurricular events, holidays and vacation time from school. Some jurisdictions in Florida provide a model that can be utilized by parents in the creation of their Parenting Plan.

Visitation Plans

Parents without physical custody of their child are rightly concerned with maintaining an effective and healthy relationship with their child. A structured visitation plan that determines in advance, and schedules visitation on a regular basis allows parents and the child to know when visitation will occur and how often. Non-custodial parents can be given, for example, visitation time every other weekend, during portions of summer break from school, certain holidays, and other occasions. It is vital that the visitation plan be crafted with care and understanding to ensure the best interest of the child and fosters a continued healthy relationship with the non-custodial parent.

Child Support

Child support and payments are occasionally the most difficult for the parents to come to terms with. Florida law however does have strict guidelines for determining the amount and schedule of child support payments. Areas of consideration include a calculation of all incomes for each parent, childcare expenses including health care, education, and housing, as well as the amount of time the child or children spends with each parent. It is beneficial for the Parenting Plan and the Visitation Plan to be completed prior to negotiations for child support.

Cases of family law are a complex and emotionally charged legal battle. Divorces, child custody, alimony, child support and visitation rights need to be negotiated and fought for to ensure an equitable arrangement for all parties, and, more importantly, agreements that are in the best interest of minor children. Contact an experienced attorney specializing in family law in Naples today to ensure that you and your child’s rights are protected.

Parenting Plans, Visitation Plans, and Child Support are difficult to negotiate without the family law attorney. The laws in the state of Florida do provide guidelines for family law in Naples cases.

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