Why You Need an Ophthalmology Expert Witness in a Legal Proceeding

Eye surgeries and treatments involve intricate procedures and require significant skill, competence, and attention. With the high risk of harm presented in diagnosis and treatments of eye diseases, mistakes may cause severe and sometimes irreversible damage. If you represent a victim or a physician, the services of a consultant or testifying expert in ophthalmology provides valuable perspective, advice, and clarity to you, opposing counsel and courts.

Gather Your Impressions

With an expert in ophthalmology, you may have a person to review your case before filing. This not only helps you comply with laws, but it also provides you a basis to tell a prospective client about the strengths and weaknesses of a potential case. If multiple ophthalmology expert witnesses cannot conclude that the prospective defendant deviated from accepted practice or was negligent, chances are that your potential client does not have a viable malpractice claim. By letting the client know this upfront, you may save yourself and the client time and expense.

Prerequisite to Starting a Lawsuit

In many states, the patient must have an affidavit or statement that an expert has reviewed the case and can state that the ophthalmologist committed malpractice before starting the lawsuit. Such requirements are intended to screen out unmerited medical negligence or misconduct suits before they are filed.

Proving Malpractice Cases

In a malpractice lawsuit, you must prove that the ophthalmologist did not follow the standards of ophthalmologists who practice the community. Establishing the standard of care requires ophthalmology expert witnesses. Such an expert must have the qualifications and knowledge to explain to the jury the standard and how the ophthalmologist fell short of it. During lawsuits, experts typically give depositions in which they answer under oath questions about the nature and basis for their opinions.

Malpractice Defense

Ophthalmologists often have their professional reputation and licenses at stake in legal and administrative proceedings. Ophthalmologist expert witnesses review the records of the surgery, other treatment, and the plaintiff’s medical condition to opine that the ophthalmologist exercised proper care and followed proper standards. If you are defending one of these practitioners, the expert opinion may rebut malpractice claims or disciplinary actions by medical boards.

Contact an Ophthalmologist Expert

Our expert consultation and witness services can help you pursue or defend a malpractice case or disciplinary actions. This assistance includes a careful review of medical records and the standards under which the ophthalmologist practices and is expected to follow. Contact us or visit our website for more information and to get help with your case.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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