Why You Should Consider New York City Condos

Whether you want to live in NYC or need to live there to be close to work, New York City condos are the place to find your new home. Many times, you’ve got the option of renting or buying them, so you don’t have to worry if you only need to stay there a year. Likewise, you can have many of the same benefits as a traditional house, with much more than a home can provide.

No Land Ownership

While you don’t own the land the building sits on, nor do you own the building, you will own the unit in which you live. Likewise, you can rent a condo, as well, meaning that you don’t own anything. If you prefer to own everything, even the property, then New York City condos may not be right for you. However, it’s important to understand what you own and what you don’t.


Primarily, you’ll have a lot of conveniences that you wouldn’t have with a traditional home. In built-up areas, like NYC, a condo is likely your only choice because it’s more practical to have a high-rise building full of residences rather than a single-family home.

Likewise, New York City condos are close to shopping centers, entertainment, restaurants and everything else you need to live and be comfortable.

You’ll also have a variety of amenities that a home cannot provide, such as swimming pools, fitness centers, rooftop terraces and much more. With everything available to you, an added bonus is that you don’t have to maintain the amenities and building, such as electricity, plumbing, cleaning, etc.

Your Social Network

While you’re likely to have friends and acquaintances already, most people don’t mind having a few more social options. Whether you live with your husband or live singly, you can find others that share similar goals, dreams, and abilities, which means you have more chances to meet a friendly face.

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