Winter Is Here And You Can Stay Warm With Heat Pumps In Chapel Hill TN

After the warmth of the summer, you may have forgotten about the record setting cold temperatures of last winter. From the recent cold snap, it appears this winter is going to be just as frigid. If your heating was lacking last year, you should consider Heat Pumps in Chapel Hill TN for your heating needs this year and beyond. In an area such as Tennessee, heat pumps are ideal for your heating and cooling needs.

Heat pumps cost less than a traditional furnace due to their technology. How they work is they take the heat and move the heat around your home. They take the heat from one area of your home and move it to a cooler location. Heat pumps generally cost 30-40% less to operate and the higher efficiency heat pumps remove more of the humidity in your home during the summer months than a traditional air conditioner.

Heat pumps can also be used for radiant floor heat. So if you’re tired of stepping onto a cold bathroom floor in the morning to shower, your floor can be warm on those cold winter mornings. Another great benefit of heat pumps is they can be ductless with a minim-split heat pump. So if you’re concerned about running ductwork in a crawlspace due to rodents, this type of system could work for you.

A high efficiency heat pump can actually take the heat that has collected in the waste from the cooling area and pump it back in to heat water more efficiently than using an electric hot water tank. This type of technology results in savings to your energy costs. If you’re concerned about the noise a normal furnace makes when the fans start, you can choose a variable speed motor which keeps the air continuously flowing so there are not drafts or hot spots in your home.

Using Heat Pumps in Chapel Hill TN makes sense economically. The climate makes it a perfect choice for your heating and cooling needs. Check into Springhill Heating and Cooling of Chapel Hill TN for a more energy efficient source to keep you and your family comfortable this winter.

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