Winter Outage Protection with a Backup Home Generator in New Jersey

Power outages in winter are tough. Especially if most everything in the home, especially heat, runs on electricity. Not only do outages put a stop to most normal activities, but they can also make living conditions difficult or even precarious. Emergency Generac generators for sale in New Jersey, made by a reliable company and installed by professional contractors, are a good investment against winter outages.

How Backup Generators Work

Generac home generators in New Jersey operate like commercial generators. They sustain the household’s essential circuit by starting up after a sudden power interruption. After a delay of a few seconds, the generators engage and keeps things running until power restoration, and they shut off afterward.

Whole House Support

A Generac whole house generator in New Jersey, like the Guardian 16 kW Generator, can pair with a load-shedding switch. The pairing allows it to support not just the essential circuit but also the entire house, including a five-ton air conditioning unit.

Safe Installation and Operation

The location of backup Generac home generators in New Jersey is important for safe and efficient operation. They need to stand on a solid and stable surface and stay out of range of floodwaters in New Jersey. Operating exhaust and carbon monoxide also present a potential risk, requiring safe exterior installation with through-wall connections.

Installation by Professional Electricians

Professional and reliable electricians know how to correctly install a backup Generac whole house generator in New Jersey according to required clearances and near existing electrical service entrances. Correct installation keeps homes safe and can lower installation costs.

For Generac generators for sale in New Jersey that keep homes fully functional during the next winter outage, contact Walter Danley Electrical Contracting LLC at (732) 432-0164 or online at today.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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