Working With a Disability Attorney in Dothan

The Social Security program is designed to help disabled people who need regular financial assistance. They must meet certain qualifications in order to receive benefits that are not guaranteed to everyone. If you feel that you have been unfairly denied, contact the right Disability Attorney in Dothan.

There are federal programs that provide stable incomes for unemployed people who are uncertain when they can work again. A long-lasting disability is needed as the main qualification. The SSA agency in your state will investigate your application and medical documents to find the extent of the disability. Also, you must have worked for an acceptable length of time. Apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) if you have not worked long enough. If your application is still denied, the next step is to hire a lawyer and file an appeal.

There are limits to the assets that you can own while on disability. As part of the application process, report all financial assets like savings, stocks and investments. If you live with a relative or spouse, report all the assets coming into that household. Any vehicles and properties you own will be added to the limits except for the primary ones you use. As long as your cash and savings amounts do not exceed the limits, you are able to receive benefits. Some people get denied and do not understand the importance of following the rules on asset limits.

Using lawyers is not simple or inexpensive, but many charge contingency fees that are received only after the case is won. Hire a professional to analyze your situation and see if you have a case. Using a lawyer is better than representing yourself and struggling to work with the system. Also, these professionals know all about the importance of fulfilling deadlines.

Social Security applicants are known to struggle with the basics of these laws. Others are frustrated that their applications were not accepted. Use the services of a Social Security Disability attorney when you do not want to give up. Increase the chances of getting a claim approved. Find a lawyer who is willing to listen and support your intentions throughout the process.

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