Yes, You Have Workers Compensation, But It Doesn’t Always Mean You Are Getting Your Benefits

It can sometimes happen that you are injured and work and know that your accident is covered by workers compensation, but for some reason your benefits are either delayed or denied or you are not getting what you expected. If that should occur, one of your best options is to contact a lawyer in Lake Charles who is experienced with workers compensation cases. Your workers comp lawyer can analyze your case, determine what benefits you should be receiving, and represent your interests if you are not receiving what you should.

It is normal that if you’ve been injured at your Lake Charles job that you would expect your workers compensation benefits to be forthcoming since employers are required to carry workers compensation for employees. However, just because your employer has workers compensation coverage, that does not mean that the insurance carrier or your employer will not try to find reasons for denying your claim. Your lawyer can review your case and help to determine whether or not any sort of denial was reasonable or if your initial claim was totally reasonable. Of course, you will want to have the help and support of your workers compensation attorney if you are going to go toe to toe with your employer or the insurance carrier because your attorney is the one who has the expertise and knowledge of workers compensation laws necessary to enter into that conversation.

Your employer may tell you that you do not need a workers compensation lawyer in order to work through any disputes, and while that is technically true, it can be extremely beneficial to have someone at your side who has the experience and knowledge necessary to sift through all of the rules and regulations that pertain to workers compensation in Louisiana. Also, your lawyer can be a powerful advocate who will uphold your rights and prevent you from being taken advantage of by your employer or the insurance carrier with whom your employer has workers compensation coverage. Of course, if any sort of hearing is required to establish your legitimate claim to benefits, you will definitely want to have an aggressive Lake Charles attorney arguing on your behalf who will vociferously uphold your claim to benefits.

If you have been denied workers compensation benefits in Lake Charles to which you believe that you have a legitimate right, consult with an attorney in the Lake Charles area as soon as possible so that your attorney an evaluate your case and begin pursuing whatever means possible to get you the compensation which you may deserve.

If you need assistance in obtaining the workers compensation benefits in Lake Charles to which you are rightfully entitled, Attorney Craig A. Davis can help. Mr. Davis understands workers comp laws and their application in Louisiana. Get the help you need in dealing with employers, insurance companies, and anyone else associated with your workers compensation case. Contact Craig A. Davis for a free consultation and the compassionate counsel and representation that you need. Call 337.231.5351, or visit on the web at

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