10 Important Tips to help Ace your Road Test

In order to have the best odds of passing a drive test, here are a few tips to help you ace it:

1. Vehicle Choice: Arrange to use a vehicle you are familiar with, so you do not embarrass yourself by turning on the wind shield wipers and then not know how to turn them off. Ideally it is a car you have used to practice for your drive test.

2. Mirror Adjustment: Make sure you have your mirrors in the perfect position for your drive test so you can see what you need to see once you are on the road.

3. Fasten Your Seatbelt: This is probably already second nature for you, but when nervous it is easy to forget the simplest of tasks.

4. Steering Position: Your test administrator is looking for signs you know what you are doing, including things such as proper steering. Choose the most comfortable, proper position for you hands whether it is 9 and 3 or 10 and 2. Keep your hands firmly on the wheel even when turning to show you are in control of the steering wheel.

5. The Four Way Stop: Be prepared to pay close attention at all four way stops so you do not lose track of whose turn it is to proceed. Going too soon or looking around to see who is next will make it clear you are not paying attention.

6. Watch the Signs: Don’t assume your test administrator is going to tell you exactly what to do. You have to obey the law which includes looking at road signs carefully, so you do not make any mistakes. Look for crosswalks and school zones and of course speed changes.

7. Steady On: Drive at a steady speed as indicated on the signs. Do not speed up or slow down or keep changing lanes unless you need to or are asked to, or you will seem uncertain of what you are doing.

8. Stops: Stop and maintain a safe distance between you and the car ahead. You should be able to see their tires.

9. Stay in the Right Lane: The right lane is best unless your test administrator suggests otherwise.

10. Listen for Instructions: Pay attention to the instructions given by your test administrator as they will be putting you through the paces to see how you drive.

These tips will help you complete your drive test with flying colours.

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