3 Reasons for the Increased Number of Cremation Services in Bellevue, Wa

According to funeral industry research, by the year 2030 more than 70% of U.S. citizens will choose cremation instead burial. The trend is growing quickly because it solves a variety of problems that have traditionally been associated with funerals. For instance, families who choose Cremation Services in Bellevue Wa are able to cut funeral costs down to manageable size. Cremation makes it easier to plan funerals but still allows families to include cherished traditions.

Cremation Can Meld Tradition and Convenience

Many clients opt for Cremation Services in Bellevue Wa once they realize that the choice does not rule out important funeral rites. While some families decide on simple direct cremation and scatter ashes with little fanfare, the majority feel that funeral traditions are important. Some arrange to have the body embalmed and then schedule visitation and services, with cremation to follow. Many hold a burial service then inter ashes in a small plot of land or niche. Clients even inter ashes in memorial benches located in outdoor areas where visitors can sit and reflect.

Funeral Arrangements Are Simplified

Choosing cremation also solves a lot of funeral planning problems. For example, a person who dies far from home usually needs to be shipped home. It is much less expensive to ship ashes than a body in a casket. Cremation is also a solution after a sudden death, when every family member cannot be easily reached. A traditional funeral takes place within a week after death, since bodies cannot be preserved for too long. However, cremains last indefinitely, giving families all the time they need to make arrangements.

Final Expenses Are Reduced

Perhaps the most common reason for cremation is its cost. At a time when even basic funerals start at around $4,000, it is possible to schedule simple, dignified direct cremations for well under $1,000. Most cremation providers charge extra for services such as extra copies of documents and providing urns. However, even with premium options such as keepsake jewelry, final bills are a fraction of those for traditional arrangements.

Cremation has become the popular choice for funeral arrangements, primarily because it is affordable. Clients also choose cremation in order to simplify funeral planning. The option allows them to include traditional elements in services but still avoid casket and cemetery expenses.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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