3 Reasons to File Disability Discrimination Claims in Springfield, MA

The Disability Discrimination Act protects individuals with disabilities from being treated unfairly. A disability can be physical, mental, or it can be a history of disabily-related incidents, such as cancer. A disability discrimination claim in Springfield, MA is filed to reprimand and demand fair treatment for those with a disability who have been treated unjustly. Here are three instances where you should file a disability discrimination claim.

Work Situations

An employer cannot refuse to hire a person with a disability if they can complete the job they are applying for. This would be considered a violation to the Disability Discrimination Act. Also, an employer cannot fire or punish a person with a disability for underperforming on a task due to their disability. This helps protect those with disabilities and help them keep their jobs.

Harassment Situations

Another action that is in direct defiance of the Disability Discrimination Act is harassing someone with a disability. The law forbids anyone from harassing an employee with a disability or history of disabilities. Harassment includes making fun of the person because of their disability or making fun of them for being unable to complete certain tasks due to their disability. If you are being harassed, you should file a disability discrimination claim to receive just treatment. Visit the site for more info.

Accommodating Disabilities

A workplace must accommodate any employee with a disability. This means that if an employee is in a wheelchair, the office needs to be wheelchair-accessible. Similarly, if an employee is blind, the office needs to incorporate braille signs and any make any other reasonable accommodation that would make the office more comfortable for a blind employee. The Disability Discrimination Act demands that all employers accommodate the needs a disabled employee might have.

All employers must comply with the Disability Discrimination Act and the standards it dictates for all workplaces. A person with a disability should not lose their job over something trivial that is not their fault, but that of their disability. In other words, employers need to accommodate the disabled, or else they can and should file a disability discrimination claim in Springfield, MA. For more legal information, visit Connor, Morneau & Olin.

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