Do Not Let IVF Cost In San Antonio, Texas Ruin Your Dream

Infertility can occur for any number of reasons. Couples should see a fertility specialist if they have been trying for over 12 months to conceive. Interestingly, half of all fertility issues are related to men. That is why the man and woman should be examined. Men have fertility problems for many reasons including inherited genetic diseases, erectile dysfunction and sexually transmitted diseases. Every visit to a fertility specialist starts with the doctor taking a complete medical history. They will look for obvious reasons for infertility before conducting tests.

In Vitro fertilization, (IVF) may be the answer for couples who have been trying to conceive for over a year. Indeed, IVF is the best treatment for unexplained infertility. Most insurance companies will pay for some IVF Cost in San Antonio TX. Insurers pay for part of the diagnostic testing and part of the procedure. At Fertility Texas, IVF begins by the woman taking a series of shots called gonadtropins to stimulate the ovaries. Hopefully, the ovaries will produce follicles that turn into eggs. When the follicles reach a certain size, the woman is injected with medicine that helps with egg release. Eggs are usually harvested 36 hours after this injection.

The egg retrieval takes about 30 minutes, and the patient is asleep for the procedure. Later that day, the man is asked to provide a sample for insemination. The eggs are inseminated in one of the two ways. The standard procedure involves exposing the egg to many sperms and hopefully one will take. ICSI occurs when the doctor injects the material into the egg. ICSI may give a couple a better shot at success. The following day tests are done to see if any of the eggs are fertilized. If so, the new embryos mature for a few days and then are transferred to the mother. The IVF process is exhausting mentally and physically. The woman must go through a lot of physical pain, and the process may not work. However, if the couple wants a family, it is the best way to proceed. Hopefully, they do not have to worry about IVF Cost in San Antonio TX.

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