5 Cloud Security Mistakes Every Business Should Avoid

Due to the drastic change in business trends, every organization is concerned regarding the integrity of their IT infrastructure and security of their proprietary information. In a world where cyber security and protection against hackers and insider threats is a real consideration, many businesses invest significant ingenuity, time, and effort into the creation of multiple layers of security.

However, even with these layers of redundancy and complex IT and data security measures, oftentimes businesses are unable to protect their data from external threats. So, what can businesses do? Well, when establishing a cloud security strategy, every business should avoid these 5 common cloud security mistakes:

1. Weak Oversight = Losing Control of Data

Now, cloud security does provide business a desirable aspect known as ‘Automation’. However, this doesn’t mean that businesses will automatically be able to phone in management responsibility following each project deployment. This has the potential of reducing your business’ control over its data and increases the risks of insider threats. To keep this from happening, create strong monitoring and oversight capabilities or consider investing in Cloud Security Analytics Solution which uses numerous tools like Cloud Based Identity Analytics to prevent insider threats.

2. Failure to Launch Security Protocols

Oftentimes, businesses are so dependent on the level of security provided by cloud hosting providers that they forget to launch their own security protocols. Depending on automation, this gives hackers a chance to steal sensitive information and bring your company to the ground. To prevent this, make sure you implement all necessary security protocols to protect sensitive information and the deployment of projects.

3. Forgetting to Update Existing Policies

Another common mistake most businesses make is writing up strong cloud security policies, and then never taking a look at it again to revise the content. Threats multiply rapidly in the cyber world. Therefore, it is imperative that businesses stay ahead of the game. Comprehensive reviewing and modification of cloud security policies can minimize the risk of breaches and unchecked vulnerabilities. Enterprise Risk Management is a good way to manage or update your existing policies.

4. Not Configuring Access Options

Let’s assume that all your cloud security protocols are incredibly strong and can protect you from cyber threats. But how can you protect yourself from internal threats? Failure to configure access options can allow unauthorized users to access vital organization information. Therefore, invest significant time in determining the level of access granted to specific employees to thwart insider attacks or consider investing in a Privilege Access Monitoring Solution.

5. Not Investing in a Security Analytics Solution

This is by far one of the biggest mistakes both small and large enterprises make. To maximize cloud security, it is imperative for businesses to invest in an efficient Security Analytics Solution. Now, there will be a large number of companies out there looking to direct your attention to their cloud security management solution, but if you are looking for the best, then you should consider investing in Gurucul’s Cloud Security Analytics Solution. This solution leverages user behavior analytics, risk-based compliance, self-audit capabilities, and privileged access monitoring to enhance cloud security.

As you can see, all these mistakes can end up costing your business a lot. So, make sure to avoid them at all costs to maximize cloud security.

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