A Brief Guide about Drapery Fabric

“Drapery” is a pretty broad term, which generally translates to cloth or textiles. However, it primarily refers to textiles that are used for decorative purposes. For instance, a drapery is generally the cloth hanging around the windows to prevent sunlight from filtering through and provide privacy.

Drapes are available from many different shops. However, if you are thinking of buying new drapes for your windows, it is important to know that drapery fabric is available in many different varieties. Here are some of the most common types of fabric that is readily available in the market:


Perhaps the most common type of drapery fabric is cotton. Cotton drapes are easily available from many shops, and are a popular choice amongst customers. This is because they are quite durable. For instance, cotton drapes can be lined with ease. Moreover, the design or pattern doesn’t fade so easily with the passage of time. Perhaps the best advantage is that cotton wears very well.

If you buy lined cotton drapes, they are excellent at blocking out sunlight. Many people who prefer to keep their rooms dark often purchase dark colored cotton drapes with a lining. There are certain types of cotton that can also help to preserve the heat in a room, keeping it warm. For instance, velvet drapes are a pretty popular choice during winters.


Silk is considered a novelty fabric. It is usually a luxury choice for people who want to use them as drapes. That’s mainly because silk is quite expensive. However, despite being a luxury choice, silk isn’t the best choice for every room. Silk is an excellent choice for aesthetic purposes, but isn’t very effective at blocking out sunlight or keeping the windows properly covered. You will probably be able to make out silhouettes through the silk drapes.

Furthermore, silk catches dirt and becomes grubby in a very short span of time. It is a high maintenance fabric, and will require frequent cleaning and washes. If you like keeping your drapes clean, silk might not be such a good choice. Also, silk is a pretty delicate fabric. Hence, it can easily tear if it gets stuck in the windows.


Acrylic is a synthetic drapery fiber. As a result, it is resistant to many different natural conditions, such as catching dirt, wrinkling or fading over the passage of time. It was created to be a resilient fabric that can withstand the test of time, and does so effectively. Hence, acrylic is a pretty popular choice, second only to cotton. They are usually available in a number of different sizes and colors, and you can also get custom prints made.

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