A Caring Moving Service in Kalamazoo, MI can Help Older People Relocate

Many older Michigan residents have made the decision to move from larger homes to smaller residences. This will make it easier for them to care for their home and reduce heating costs. While they may look forward to these benefits, they may be overwhelmed at the prospect of packing up and moving their home. They may no longer have the physical stamina or good health to pack up a household. Their children may be too busy or live too far away to help. Hiring a Moving Service in Kalamazoo MI is the affordable solution to complete the move successfully.

A project manager from the company will meet with the homeowner to determine how much furniture, clothing and home accessories need to be moved. Older homeowners may be stressed, because they don’t want to part with items and furniture that took a lifetime to collect. However, their new smaller home doesn’t have room for them. If they are moving locally, the project manager from the Moving Service in Kalamazoo MI can visit their new home with them. He will be able to estimate how much of the homeowner’s belongings won’t fit. He can then recommend the appropriate size storage unit. It can be outfitted with clothing racks and shelves. This will make it easy to organize them.

The project manager will make sure that the correct items are marked to go to the new residence. Other items will be brought to the storage unit. Once the movers get to the new house, furniture and home accents will be brought to the proper room. The movers work with the older client to unpack all of the items and put them in the correct place. Within a few days, the homeowner will be settled in and surrounded by many familiar items.

The clients can easily visit their items in storage. The moving company will be happy to also help them arrange their storage locker. Their figurine collection can be displayed on shelves. Every holiday, they can bring a few to their new home to display. Kuiper Brothers Self Storage and Moving company is one of the companies providing these services in Michigan. Older homeowners can contact them to discuss their unique needs. You can also visit them on Google+ page.

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