A Commercial Locksmith in Tulsa Can Keep a Business Secure and Safe

Businesses rely on a Commercial Locksmith in Tulsa to protect their property. Shop owners have to protect themselves from both intruders and their own employees. This requires that even small businesses have a sophisticated system of locks, panic bars and surveillance cameras. All exterior doors to a retail shop should be steel-reinforced doors with deadbolt locks. This will make it very difficult for any intruder to enter them when the shop is closed.

However, when the store is open, the shop owner must welcome customers and provide them with emergency exits. Shoplifters know this. They often grab merchandise and then run out of the back emergency exit. While there is an alarm on the door, the thief is gone before the shop owner and employees can react. Panic bars are installed so that customers can quickly leave a space by crashing into the panic bar. Fire chiefs like this system, but understand the security problems it causes. Therefore, they allow a Commercial Locksmith in Tulsa to put a short delay on the panic bar. The alarm goes off and it takes an additional five seconds for the door to open. This short delay is often enough to scare the shoplifter. He just drops the merchandise and runs out the front door. View website for complete details.

A shop owner should limit access to the cash room and stockroom. The locksmith can install keyless keypads for these interior doors. Only employees who need to be in those spaces will be given the numeric code. When one of them leaves, the code can be easily changed. Surveillance cameras let the owner watch shoppers who they suspect are stealing. It also lets the owner check the shop when he is not there. When employees know that the owner can simply watch them on his table or smart phone, they will be much less likely to steal cash or merchandise.

If a burglar attempts to enter the premises after hours, he can easily ruin a lock. Therefore the commercial locksmith has to be available all times of the day and night. Mobile Locksmith is one of the company that installs and repairs commercial locks 24 hours a day. Business owners can check out their website (24-7mobilelocksmith.com) to learn more about their services.


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