A Cosmetic Dentist in Rockville Can Whiten and Brighten Your Smile

A smile is how you greet the world. This facial expression sends messages to others in a positive or negative way. A smile can mean the difference between getting or losing a job. It can be the one bright spot in a person’s day when smiled at by another individual. To keep your smile white, bright, and uniform in appearance, see a Cosmetic Dentist in Rockville. While the main goal of cosmetic dentistry is to improve a person’s looks, a dentist will still put a person’s dental health first to ensure the patient’s safety.

Before you undergo any cosmetic procedure, talk to a qualified Cosmetic Dentist in Rockville. He will first conduct a thorough examination on your mouth and surrounding areas. This is to check for signs of tooth decay and tooth disease. After this, he will consult with a patient to go over the risks and benefits of certain treatments. At this time, a dentist or a member of his staff will go over all the costs involved. He will also tell you what maintenance and processes are involved with particular treatments.

One of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments is tooth whitening. A person who consumes tea, colas, and wine may experience discoloration of his teeth. Also, smoking and taking certain medications can enhance the likelihood of having teeth that are splotchy. A cosmetic dentist can use a bleaching agent such as hydrogen peroxide to whiten a person’s teeth in his office. He can also give a dental patient a kit to take home or recommend an over-the-counter product to buy.

Some other notable cosmetic procedures include bonding, veneers, crowns, and enamel shaping. Some of these treatments, such as crowns, are also used in restorative and preventive dentistry. Each of these processes either adds or takes away some dental material to alter the way a person’s teeth and gums look. Cosmetic dentistry is not recognized as a specialty by the American Dental Association. However, choosing a cosmetic dentist involves the same process choosing a regular dentist does. Finding a qualified dentist who adheres to strict hygienic guidelines will enable you to get the smile you want.

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