A Dentist in Waikoloa Keeps Teeth Healthy and White

Dental offices provide many services so that they can meet the unique needs of each patient. Everyone should see the dentist for regular checkups and teeth cleaning. For most patients this means seeing the dentist once every six months. Patients who have had gum disease may have to have their teeth cleaned every 3 months. This ensures that the bacteria that cause it are kept in check. Patients who have permanent bridges may also need more frequent cleanings, because some of them have trouble flossing underneath bridges. The Dentist Waikoloa will work with every patient to set up a schedule that provides the proper level of dental care.

Patients who drink a lot of coffee or smoke may also be concerned about yellow and stained teeth. An in-office whitening treatment is the most efficient way for the patient to brighten their smile. If they have to quickly prepare for a job interview that’s only a few days away, the dentist can quickly whiten their teeth. Many patients see their teeth become eight to ten shade whiter. Some people worry that such a powerful treatment will damage their enamel. The opposite is actually true. Many teeth whitening gels also contain substances that strengthen enamel, because stronger teeth resist stains.

Some patients don’t like long dental visits. In that case, the dentist can make custom whitening trays for them to wear at home. The custom trays are more comfortable to wear than those that come in drugstore kits and allow the gel to reach crowded or crooked teeth. The dentist will determine what strength gel is necessary and how long the patient should wear them. People often have to wear them 30 minutes a day for two weeks. By the end of that period, teeth are usually six to eight shades whiter.

Most people don’t change their eating or smoking habits, so they have to follow the instructions that their dentist gives them to keep their teeth white. This usually means brushing their teeth twice a day, flossing and using a whitening pen daily and wearing a whitening tray every two weeks. Brian S. Kubo DDS Waikoloa is a dentist that provides these services. He will be happy to discuss dental care and teeth whitening techniques. Visit website for more information.

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