A Pediatrci Specialist in Bellevue, NE Answers Frequently Asked Questions About Children’s Teeth

Everyone wants to have a healthy, flashing smile. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, people do not take care of their teeth as they should. A lot of them were not educated early on the importance of taking care of their teeth in the right way. Some have been taught the improper way to brush their teeth; others don’t know that their teeth should be brushed thoroughly after every meal. A dental Pediatric Specialist in Bellevue NE asserts that it is best to start with preventative dental care in order to avoid dental stumbling blocks down the road. The following questions are frequently asked about child dental care and practices.

• Parents now are asking about how soon to start caring for their children’s teeth. They have heard not to worry about the primary teeth since they fall out anyway. This is the far from true. As soon as baby starts to get his or teeth, you should begin some sort of brushing regime with a very soft-bristled brush.

• This leads to answering the next question as to when the infant should start dental care. It is instrumental for proper dental care to bring the child in before his or her first birthday. The pediatric dentist can get started right away to identify if there are going to be any issues with the teeth.

• A question arises as to when the child should be allowed to use fluoride toothpaste. It is best to wait until after the child reaches the age of three. Before then, cleaning the teeth with the recommended soft-bristled brush and water is alright to do.

• A final question surrounds a child getting tooth decay on primary teeth. These should still be treated as if they were permanent teeth. Infection in primary teeth can lead to infecting permanent teeth as well.

George M. Rakes, D.D.S. is a pediatric dentist in Omaha, Nebraska and Bellevue, Nebraska areas. The pediatric dentistry is dedicated to promoting optimal dental health early on in the lives of young patients, from the time as an infant to well in their teens. The best opportunity for healthy teeth is with early education.

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