Acid a Problem? Try Luwak Coffee Beans

Even the most loyal of coffee drinkers can find themselves having to walk away from the daily routine courtesy of sour stomach problems. Coffee, after all, is known to have a high acid content that can make even the toughest stomachs encounter problems from time to time. Those who aren’t ready to say goodbye to this delightful treat may want to consider buying luwak coffee (or kopi luwak in Indonesian) beans.

What Are Luwak Coffee Beans?

Luwak coffee beans comes from the islands of Indonesia. These distinct beans are grown in rich, volcanic soil where they can absorb a variety of nutrients that give the ultimate blends such distinct hints of flavor, such as chocolate, caramel and even mint. These beans are grown and processed using time-honored techniques that result in rich, full-bodied flavors without all the acid.

What Makes Them Easier on the Stomach?

Luwak coffee beans are generally grown organically. Without harsh chemicals and pesticides in the blend, the acid level in the beans tends to be lower. Many people notice a big difference between organically grown coffee of any type when it comes to reduced acidity. Add to this the distinct processing these beans go through that breaks down some of the outer proteins – and acids – before they are even ground to brew and the reduction in acid becomes even more noticeable.

Where to Find Them

Since these beans only come from one region in the world, they are considered among the rarest of gourmet varieties. Finding them in typical grocery store aisles just generally isn’t a possibility. Those who want to buy luwak coffee beans tend to do so using reputable online stores for a few reasons:

  • The pricing – Luwak coffee beans are hard to find so the prices can run high. Online retailers make the prices fair.
  • The benefits for growers – The best online stores obtain their luwak coffee beans courtesy of fair trade agreements with farmers and communities. That means the profits from the hard work actually go to those who grow the beans instead of companies that stamp their names on the product.
  • The convenience – It’s simply easier to find kopi luwak coffee beans online than anywhere else.

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