All About Bail Bond in CT

Life can sometimes get crazy quickly, and almost anyone in a given set of circumstances can find themselves suddenly and without warning, arrested and behind bars. Of course if this happens to you or to a loved one, your number one priority is is to regain your freedom and to secure a speedy release. What you need in this circumstance is an Affordable Bailbond. Bail Bond CT can provide tremendous relief if you find yourself in such an unforeseen situation. A bail bondsman can generally secure exit from jail in a short amount of time.

Bail bond is a monetary arrangement that a bondsman, such as Bail Bond CT makes on the part of the arrested person with the court system to get the person released. In short, the bondsman insures that the defendant will appear in court. While the person arrested, or his family or friends can generally pay the jail bond in full, it is often less expensive to hire a bail agent. The amount of the bail is set by an officer of the court. The bondsman consents to pay the entire amount of the bail in the event the accused fails to appear for his court hearing. Either the accused or someone acting on his behalf will contract with the Bail Bond CT to pay an Affordable Bailbond, or premium, which is usually around ten or fifteen percent of the bail’s full amount. The bondsman will keep premium as his payment. At times, something will be required to be pledged as collateral in the event the defendent fails to appear. Examples of such security are cars, jewelry, boats, stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.

How high the court sets the bail depends upon the gravity of the crime the defendant is accused of committing, his character, potential for fleeing, previous crimes, and so forth.

It is important for the defendant to take the commitment to appear in court seriously, as their failure could not only cause financial hardship to the person or persons who pledged collateral. Additionally, if the accused person doesn’t show up in court, the bail bondsman might hire a professional (called a bounty hunter) to track down the accused. If the defendant appears in court as he promised to do the securities that were pledged to secure his appearance will be released.

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