Interesting Ways You Can Use Your Survival Paracord Bracelet

Type III 550 paracord is a very strong, lightweight, nylon kernmantle utility rope, originally used in parachute suspension lines. Today it’s used by the military, civilians and outdoor survivalists as a must-have part of the emergency kit. But not all the cool uses for your survival paracord bracelet, belt or suspenders have to be saved for emergencies!

Make a Tow Rope

A single length of paracord is rated to have a minimum strength of 550 pounds, so if you suddenly need to tow something, double, triple or even ten times that weight, simply wrap the paracord the required number of times (e.g. for 1000 pounds, you’d need two lengths) and you’ve got yourself a tow rope.

Use It as Dental Floss

If you just can’t stand that little piece of meat lodged between your teeth, unravel your survival paracord bracelet, pull out one of the internal strands, and, well, floss your teeth.

Make Snow Shoes

You got it. Find a branch about 1 inch in diameter. Bend it into a teardrop shape, tying the ends together securely. Then weave the strands from your unraveled paracord bracelet, belt or suspenders back and forth across the inside opening of the branch. Then tie these new “snow shoes” to your shoes or boots.

Rig a Hammock

If you forgot to buy one, you don’t have to go without. Again, you’ll need more than just one survival paracord bracelet for this, but you can pick your perfect pair of trees, string the paracord between them, and weave your desired width. Then, relax.

In and On the Water

You can secure your boat or raft – heck, you can make a raft by lashing logs together – and once you’ve done that, you can make fishing line. Simply cut a length of paracord, pull out the internal strands, of which there are seven, and tie them together.

More About Type III 550 Paracord

Type III 550 Paracord consists of an outer sheath that is braided from 32 strands, and the core contains another seven 2-ply yarns. The nylon makes the paracord fairly elastic, and the paracord is smooth enough to be fairly comfortable when woven into the paracord bracelet or other wearable item.

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