Alzheimers care and what to expect

by | Nov 8, 2013 | Health And Fitness

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Alzheimer’s can prove to be a painful diagnosis to receive, both to the patient and family, an ailment that isn’t only incurable but progressive in nature and eventually fatal. A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s changes everything, with individuals and families eventually forced to make some difficult decisions with regards to the future of the patient.

That is because while a patient might prove capable of continuing to live a normal independent life in the initial stages of the disease, with the passing of time daily life becomes difficult; the question of Alzheimers care will usually revolve around the options of home care Vs. professional care.

There are steps one can take, tips that can prove essential in providing Alzheimers care to a loved ones without turning to professional help. Tips that might enable the patient to maintain a semblance of independence in their normal life, if one is willing to apply the necessary effort.

Because frustration, especially in handling the simpler facets of life, can prove an overwhelming irritation to the patient, providing assistance in Alzheimers care will help in easing these challenges such as:

Crafting thoroughly thought out schedules- schedules should be designed to fashion some sort of routine that creates a level of predictability in a patient’s life, removing elements of confusion, and going so far as to take into account moment’s of the day during which the patient is most lucid, within which they may then be encouraged to execute the more complex tasks of life such as bathing.

Patience is crucial, with one advised to remember that even the most ordinary tasks will take considerable amounts of time for Alzheimer’s patients to execute; one should endeavor to include allowances for delays when making a schedule for Alzheimers care.

Even with this ailment in play one is advised to allow the patient to try and do as much as possible on their own without external assistance, though taking care to limit the choices available in order to alleviate confusion. Sure, the patient might be able to dress themselves but it would help if you put two outfits out for them to choose from rather than allowing them to access the entire wardrobe.

Endeavor to keep the Alzheimers care instructions simple for any given tasks, while remembering to remove any distractions that might create confusion.

While taking into consideration these tips might indeed ease the process of providing Alzheimers care, it is imperative that one exercise a level of flexibility, adjusting methods of providing care as the disease progresses, adapting the routine to cope with evolving conditions.

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