An Auto Injury Attorney can Help you Document Your Injuries

The nature of your injuries and the extent of your treatment are the two main ways an at-fault party’s insurance company determine how much pain and suffering you’ve endured. Here, you will learn about some ways you can let the insurance adjuster know about your post-accident pain and suffering. You’ll also get some tips on documenting your damages.

How Your Prescription Meds Demonstrate Pain and Suffering

If your doctor gives you a prescription for inflammation, pain or another injury, you can use that to convince the adjuster of the severity of your injuries. The longer you are on a medication, the more it can influence the settlement your Auto Injury Attorney can get. This isn’t an exact science – some doctors are more willing to write prescriptions for pain relievers than others are, and not every patient responds to pain in the same way. An insurance adjuster’s job is to look for concrete evidence that an injury is severe, and a prescription does just that.

Recovery Time, Pain and Suffering

To an insurer, the longer it takes you to recover, the more severe your injury. The easiest way to tell the adjuster about your recovery is with medical records. Sometimes, doctors make notes as to the expected length of your recovery, or they advise patients to abstain from certain activities. However, in most cases, the only way to document recovery time is to report progress or decline to your doctor. Continued doctor visits can provide evidence as to the ongoing nature of your pain and suffering, and it can help your Auto Injury Attorney prove your claim.

It’s Your Responsibility to Prove It

You are your own greatest ally when it comes to documenting your pain and suffering. If you are being seen by a doctor, be sure to report your symptoms so you can use them as proof later. Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor for medicine to control your discomfort and pain, and if you’re suffering but you don’t have any appointments scheduled, make one right away. Not only will you get the help you need, but you’ll further document your problems.

Along with the steps above, it may be wise for you to keep a diary of your experiences after the accident – such as headaches, insomnia and missed days of work.

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