Daily Home Care Agencies Help Battle Depression and Anxiety in Seniors

Depression and anxiety are not normal conditions of aging. They are not simply moods but conditions stemming from physical and emotional disruptions in life. Older Americans have lost more and endure illness and chronic pain more than younger people. Mental health has become a public health concern because it influences physical health. If physical, mental, and emotional health are out of balance, many seniors, especially men, are at risk for suicide. This is where a home care agency in Delaware County enters the picture.

Depression By the Numbers
Almost 20% of adults 55 and older endure some type of mental health problem. Five out of 10 men aged 85 and up commit suicide. Of all ages and sexes, one out of 10 commit suicide. Adults 65 and older are twice as likely to say they have no social and emotional support than those adults 55 and up. Two out of 10 Hispanic adults aged 65 and up say they receive no social or emotional support. More men 65 and up say they receive next to no social or emotional support.

How Depression Affects Seniors
Depressed persons see no need to keep a clean house. They don’t find it necessary to bathe, wear clean clothes, eat healthy foods, or even go for a walk. Women aged 50 and up are more likely to suffer frequent mental distress. This leads to smoking, drinking, and not getting any exercise.

How Home Care Helps
A home care agency in Delaware County can help seniors with housework, cooking, bathing and personal care, and transportation. The staff can also spend quality time with the seniors. While depression and anxiety are treatable conditions, there’s something to be said for the nearness of a human body, a simple smile, and a kind word. When these things happen every day, seniors can come out of the doldrums and participate in healthy living again.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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